Popular Culture Association

Established: 1970. Affiliate Since: 1975. Membership: 3,500. Annual dues: $55.

Statement of Purpose: To study popular culture in the widest sense of the term, without historical or geographic limitations, without restrictions to certain methodologies.

Annual Meeting: April

Publications: Journal of Popular Culture, quarterly ($35); Newsletter, quarterly; Clues: Journal of Detection

Website: http://pcaaca.org/

Popular Culture Association
One Glenlake Pkwy., Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA 30328

Primary Contact: Sherry Ginn, sherry@pcaaca.org


Sherry Ginn
Independent Scholar
E-mail: sherry@pcaaca.org

Editor, Journal of American Culture
Carl Sederholm
Brigham Young Univ.
E-mail: csederholm@byu.edu

Updated 2/27/24