Organization of American Historians

Established: 1907. Affiliate Since: 1993. Membership: 7,800. Annual dues: $45 student; $45 emeritus or retired; $60 to $200 regular membership depending on income.

Statement of Purpose: The OAH is an association of historians dedicated to the promotion of teaching and scholarship about the history of the United States both before and after its formation as a nation-state. The organization pursues these goals by encouraging and supporting excellence in historic research, interpretation, and publication; advancing the teaching and practice of American history at all levels and in all settings; promoting the widest possible access to historical sources and scholarship and the widest possible discussion of historical questions and controversies, including advocacy for professional scholarly standards where appropriate; generating support for the preservation, dissemination, and exhibition of sources dealing with the history of the United States; and encouraging respectful and equitable treatment for all practitioners of history.

Annual Meeting: March or April

Publications: Journal of American History, quarterly; The American Historian, quarterly; OAH Update biweekly enewsletter; Annual Meeting Program


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Organization of American Historians
112 N. Bryan Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408-4141
Phone: 812.855.7311

Primary Contact: Beth English,


Anthea Hartig
National Museum of American History

David Blight
Yale Univ.

Vice President
Annette Gordon-Reed
Harvard Univ.

Past President
Erika Lee
Univ. of Minnesota

Jay S. Goodgold
Independent Investor

Executive Director
Beth English
Organization of American Historians

Interim Executive Editor
Stephen Douglas Andrews
Organization of American Historians

Editor, The American Historian
Jonathan Warner
Organization of American Historians

Updated 4/21/23