North American Society for Oceanic History

Established: 1974. Size of membership: 220. Annual dues: $65 regular; $25 student; $100 institutions.

Statement of Purpose: The society was founded in 1973 to provide a forum for maritime history and remains actively devoted to the study and promotion of naval and maritime history. The society’s objectives are to promote the exchange of information among its members and others interested in the history of the seas, lakes, and inland waterways; to call attention to books, articles, and documents pertinent to naval and maritime history; and to work with local, regional, national, international, and government organizations toward the goal of fostering a more general awareness and appreciation for North America’s naval and maritime heritage. NASOH also houses the US Commission on Maritime History, which is a constituent member of the International Commission on Maritime History.

Annual Meeting: May

Publications: NASOH Newsletter, triennially; co-publisher: The Northern Mariner/ Le marin du nord, quarterly; The NASOH Handbooks to Maritime History.