National Coalition of Independent Scholars

Established: 1989. Affiliate since January 2010. Membership: 250. Annual Dues: Individuals $50 to $125 (full membership, regular to sustaining), $40 (associate membership), $1,500 life; Affiliates $40 organizations with 1-30 members, $75 organizations with 31-100 members, $150 organizations with 100+ members

Statement of Purpose: NCIS’s objectives are to bring independent scholars together to share scholarly interests and expertise; improve access to research libraries for independent scholars; offer independent scholars information and advice about grants and fellowships and about publishing; encourage foundations and institutes to open competitions to independent scholars and to include them on review committees; hold conferences and workshops of interest to independent scholars and to the public; offer grants-in-aid to NCIS members and small grants to affiliates; serve as administrator for members applying for grants; encourage information exchange through publications and electronic communication; aid organizations of independent scholars by collecting and sharing organization experience and by publicizing their work; and provide information for the creation of local organizations of independent scholars

Annual Meeting: Meetings are held by regional affiliates on their own schedules. NCIS facilitates such meetings with financial and organizational support.

Publication: The Independent Scholar, open access, peer-reviewed publication