Modern Greek Studies Association

Established: 1968. Size of membership: 400. Annual dues: $60 regular; $30 student; $90 joint; $750 life; $95 institutional.

Statement of Purpose: To foster and advance modern Greek studies, particularly in the United States and Canada. Specific purposes include organizing scholarly symposia; publishing a professional journal; compiling bibliographies; assisting in establishing chairs, programs, and departments of modern Greek studies in American universities; and encouraging the teaching of modern Greek language, literature, history, and culture at all levels.

Annual Meeting: Biennial symposia with business meetings

Publications: Journal of Modern Greek Studies, biannual; MSGA Bulletin, annual and in electronic format


Modern Greek Studies Association
1717 W. Webster St.
Unit B
Houston, TX 77019
Phone: 352.273.3796

Primary Contact: Gonda Van Steen,


Franklin L. Hess
Indiana Univ.

Executive Director
Gonda A. H. Van Steen
Univ. of Florida