Leo Baeck Institute

Established: 1955. Membership: 247. Annual dues: $200 (includes subscription to LBI Year Book); $100 (no Year Book)

Statement of Purpose: To promote the documentation of the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry from the 18th century until its destruction by the Nazis. The Leo Baeck Institute is a research, study, and lecture center and maintains an 80,000-volume library, archives, and art collection.

Annual Meeting: June

Publications: Leo Baeck Institute Year Book, annually; LBI News

Website: http://www.lbi.org/

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Leo Baeck Inst.
15 W. 16th St.
New York, NY 10011-6301
Phone: 212.744.6400

Primary Contact: Frank Mecklenburg, fmecklenburg@lbi.cjh.org


Ronald B. Sobel
Leo Baeck Inst.

Vice President
Michael A. Bamberger
E-mail: michael.bamberger@dentons.com

Vice President
David W. Detjen
Alston & Bird
E-mail: david.detjen@alston.com

Amy Houston

Dennis Baum

Executive Director
William H. Weitzer
Leo Baeck Inst.
E-mail: wweitzer@lbi.cjh.org

Director of Research and Chief Archivist
Frank Mecklenburg
Leo Baeck Inst.
E-mail: fmecklenburg@lbi.cjh.org

Director of Collections
Renate Evers
Leo Baeck Inst.
E-mail: revers@lbi.cjh.org

Archivist and Registrar
Michael Simonson
Leo Baeck Inst.
E-mail: msimonson@lbi.cjh.org

Head Archivist
Hermann Teifer
Leo Baeck Inst.
E-mail: hteifer@lbi.cjh.org

Updated 8/19/20