History of Science Society

Established: 1924. Affiliate Since: 1975. Membership: 3,800. Annual dues: $36 student; $68 retired; $113 regular; $142 family; institution variable.

Statement of Purpose: To foster interest in the history of science, promote discussion of science’s social and cultural relations, and bring this understanding to others worldwide

Annual Meeting: November

Publications: Isis, quarterly; Current Bibliography, annually; Newsletter, quarterly; Osiris, annually; Isis Reader, irregular

Website: http://www.hssonline.org/

History of Science Society
Univ. of Notre Dame
440 Geddes Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556-4633
Phone: 574.631.1194

Primary Contact: John Paul Gutierrez, jp@hssonline.org


Jan V. Golinski
Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham
Email: jan.golinski@unh.edu

Vice President
Karen Rader
Virginia Commonwealth University
Email: vp@hssonline.org

Luis Campos
Univ. of New Mexico
Email: luiscampos@unm.edu

Gwen E. Kay
State Univ. of New York, Oswego
Email: gwen.kay@oswego.edu

Executive Director
John Paul Gutierrez
History of Science Society
Email: jp@hssonline.org

Acting Society Coordinator
Greg Macklem
History of Science Society
Email: coordinator@hssonline.org

Editor, Isis
H. Floris Cohen
Univ. Utrecht
Email: h.f.cohen@uu.nl

Society Editor
Alexandra Hui
Mississippi State Univ.
Email: AHui@history.msstate.edu

Society Editor
Matthew Lavine
Mississippi State Univ.
Email: MLavine@history.msstate.edu

Updated 7/6/21