Harvey Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching

Established: 1997. Affiliate Since: 2010. Membership:414,000 monthly readers of Origins.

Statement of Purpose: The Goldberg Center promotes innovative and effective teaching strategies, and is committed to advancing cutting-edge scholarship, engaged teaching, and substantive community outreach. The Goldberg Center hosts a number of professional development initiatives, focused especially on pursuing the best strategies for teaching with new media; produces a series of publications designed to provide quality teaching and learning materials to history teachers across the country; and engages in significant public outreach, especially aimed at K–12 teachers and students of history, in a manner consistent with The Ohio State University’s legacy as a land grant institution.

Publications: Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, an online news magazine; Retrieving the American Past, an on-demand, electronic database-driven, customized US history textbook; Exploring the European Past, a “second generation” customized Western civilization/European history textbook

Website: http://goldbergcenter.osu.edu

Harvey Goldberg Center
Dept. of Hist., Ohio State Univ.
207 Dulles Hall, 230 W. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Primary Contact: Nicholas Breyfogle, breyfogle.1@osu.edu


Nicholas Breyfogle
Ohio State Univ., Columbus
E-mail: breyfogle.1@osu.edu

Updated 2/16/24