Disability History Association

Established: 2003. Membership: 104. Annual dues: regular $30/year; student/low income $15/year; institution: $100/year.

Statement of Purpose: The Disability History Association seeks to define both history and disability widely, recognizing that it includes, but is not limited to: the history of individuals or groups with disabilities; historical perspectives on disability and related concepts; historical representations and constructions of disability; policy and practice histories; histories of social and civil rights movements; disability theory, including disability as an historical analytic; public and oral history projects; and pedagogical practices. The DHA is both inclusive and international, which is reflected in the diverse topics, approaches, and commitments of its members. It offers a community of active and interesting historians; a blog and podcast; access to curated resources for research, teaching, and related advocacy work; and opportunities for publication awards and professional development support.

Website: http://www.dishist.org/

Disability History Association
22809 Lakeview Dr., Apt. E406
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Primary Contact: Kathleen Brian, disability.history@gmail.com


Kathleen M. Brian
Western Washington Univ.
Email: kathleen.brian@wwu.edu

Nicole Belolan
Rutgers Univ., Camden
Email: nbelolan@gmail.com

Laurel Daen
Univ. of Notre Dame
Email: ldaen@nd.edu

Aparna Nair
Univ. of Oklahoma
Email: aparna.nair@ou.edu

Updated 2/2/21