Community College Humanities Association

Established: 1979. Affiliate Since: 1996. Membership: 850. Annual dues: $40 individual; $15 adjunct faculty; $250-850 institution.

Statement of Purpose: The Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) is the only national organization of its kind for humanities faculty and administrators in two-year colleges. It is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the humanities in two-year colleges. CCHA serves as a catalyst for defining the issues which face humanities faculty and administrators today, finding solutions to problems in the field, and establishing a communications network for humanists.

Annual Meeting: National conference is held in the fall

Publications: Community College Humanist, triannually; Community College Humanities Review, annually


Community College Humanities Association
Community Coll. of Baltimore County, Essex
College Community Center, 223
Rosedale, MD 21237-3899
Phone: 973.877.3577

Primary Contact: Andrew Rusnak,


Executive Director
Andrew Rusnak
Community Coll. of Baltimore County

President, Central Division
Amy Clark Knapp
Clark State Coll.

President, Eastern Division
Rebecca Williams
Essex County Coll.

President, Pacific-Western Division
Jane Zunkel
Portland Comm. Coll.

President, Southern Division
Wes Lites
Jefferson Comm. and Technical Coll.

President, Southwestern Division
Linda Sears
Collin Coll.

Editor, Community College Humanities Review
Sydney Elliott
Tillamook Bay Comm. Coll.

Updated 5/25/23