Air Force Historical Foundation

Established: 1953. Affiliate Since: 1976. Membership: 1,100. Annual Dues: $25 introductory, $45 individual, $25 student (the latter for two years)

Statement of Purpose: The Air Force Historical Foundation is dedicated to promoting the preservation and appreciation of the history and heritage of the United States Air Force and its predecessors. The Foundation seeks to inform and inspire the men and women who are, or have been, affiliated with the Air Force, as well as the general public, particularly those with an interest in national security, about the dynamic heritage of air and space power and its relevance to contemporary and future issues. In striving to meet these goals, the foundation relies heavily on the publication of Air & Space Power History and historical and biographical books, and on the sponsorship of a biennial symposium and of a series of annual awards.

Publications: Air & Space Power History, quarterly; books


Air Force Historical Foundation
PO Box 405
Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Phone: 301.736.1959

Primary Contact: Dik Daso,


Chairman of the Board
Gen James M. “Mike” Holmes, USAF Ret.
Air Force Historical Foundation

Jonna Doolittle Hoppes
The Doolittle Foundation

1st Vice Chairman
Maj Gen John L. Barry, USAF Ret.
Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

2nd Vice Chairman
Brig Gen Patrick C. Malackowski, USAF Ret.
Lockheed Martin

Frank A. Blazich Jr.
Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

Col Eileen Bjorkman, USAF Ret.
Air Force Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base

Executive Director
Lt Col Dik Daso, USAF Ret.
Air Force Historical Foundation

Co-Executive Director
Col Steve Newbold, USAF Ret.
Air Force Historical Foundation

Editor, Air & Space Power History
Dr. Richard I. Wolf
Air Force Historical Foundation

Updated 2/24/23