William and Edwyna Gilbert Award

The William and Edwyna Gilbert Award for the Best Article on Teaching History annually recognizes outstanding contributions to the teaching of history through the publication of journal articles. Originally the “William Gilbert Award,” named in memory of William Gilbert, a longtime AHA member and distinguished scholar-teacher of the Renaissance at the University of Kansas, it was renamed the William and Edwyna Gilbert Award in 2012 after Edwyna Gilbert passed away and left an additional $110,000 to supplement the original $10,000 bequest for the award.

Articles by AHA members with a publication date of 2015 may be nominated for consideration. Both the author of the winning article and the journal that publishes it will each receive the award. Journals and individual members may submit nominations on the teaching of history (including scholarship of teaching and learning, methodology and theory of pedagogy). Journals, magazines, and other serials can submit up to two articles for each award cycle. Each nominator is required to provide a brief letter of support (no more than two pages) with the article.

Email a letter of support and accompanying article to awards@historians.org. Please be sure to include “Gilbert Award Nomination” in the subject line. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2016.