Friedrich Katz Prize

The American Historical Association offers the Friedrich Katz Prize in Latin American and Caribbean History, which honors Friedrich Katz, an Austrian-born specialist in Latin American history, whose nearly 50-year career inspired dozens of students and colleagues in the field. The general rules for submission are:

  1. The prize will be awarded annually to the best book published in English focusing on Latin America, including the Caribbean.
  2. Books bearing a copyright of 2014 are eligible for the 2015 prize.
  3. Nominators must complete an online prize submission form for each book submitted.
  4. One copy of each entry must be sent to each committee member and clearly labeled “Katz Prize Entry.” Electronic copies may be sent only to committee members who have indicated they will accept them.

Please Note: Entries must be postmarked or transmitted by May 15, 2015, to be eligible for the 2015 competition. Entries will not be returned. Recipients will be announced at the January 2016 AHA annual meeting in Atlanta.

For questions, please contact the Prize Administrator.

Contact Information for Committee Members

Send one copy to each committee member and complete the prize submission form (above).

Jeremy I. Adelman Matt O'Hara Brodwyn M. Fischer
Princeton Univ. Univ. of California, Santa Cruz Univ. of Chicago
Dept. of History Dept. of History Dept. of History
G32 Dickinson Hall Humanities ASC  1126 E. 59th St.
Princeton, NJ 08544-1017 1156 High St. Chicago, IL 60637-1554
Will accept Nook submissions Santa Cruz, CA 95064