Organization of American Historians

Established: 1907. Affiliate since May 1993. Membership: 11,500. Annual dues: $35 student; $50 history educator; $50 emeritus or retired; $40 to $190 regular membership depending on income.

Statement of Purpose: The OAH is an association of historians dedicated to the promotion of teaching and scholarship about the history of the United States both before and after its formation as a nation-state. The organization pursues these goals by encouraging and supporting excellence in historic research, interpretation, and publication; advancing the teaching and practice of American history at all levels and in all settings; promoting the widest possible access to historical sources and scholarship and the widest possible discussion of historical questions and controversies, including advocacy for professional scholarly standards where appropriate; generating support for the preservation, dissemination, and exhibition of sources dealing with the history of the United States; and encouraging respectful and equitable treatment for all practitioners of history.

Annual Meeting: March or April

Publications: Journal of American History, quarterly; Magazine of History, quarterly; OAH Newsletter, quarterly; Annual Meeting Program