The United States from the Colombian Exchange to the Civil War Syllabus

Required Books:

  • Boyer and Nissenbaum, Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft.
  • Gross, Robert A., The Minutemen and Their World. Henretta, America: A Concise History, Vol. # 1 (Cited as Text).
  • Huehner, David Robert, History 101: The United States to the Civil War: Manual.
  • Johnson, Paul, A Shopkeeper's Millennium: Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York 1815-1837.

NOTE: Lecture topics, films, and assignments subject to change.

Lecture Topics, Readings, Web Modules, and Map Assignments:

Week One:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 1.
Topic: Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course.

Week Two:

Assignments: Web Module #1 
Map Assignment: Geography: The Age of Exploration.
Topics: Lecture 2: The Age of Discovery and The Columbian Exchange.

Week Three:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 2.
Assignment: Web Module #1 (Discussion, Rough Draft Due)
Map Assignment: Geography: The Thirteen Colonies.
Topics: Lecture 3: England on the Eve of Colonization.
Lecture 4: British Colonization: Peopling the New World.

Week Four:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 3.
Disc. Sec. Assignment: Salem Possessed, ix-109.
(Web Module #1 Final Report Due)
Topics: Lecture 5: The Development of Regional Differences: The Northern, Middle, and Southern Colonies.
Lecture 6: The Colonial Family: A View from the Bottom.

Week Five:

Disc. Sec. Assignments: Salem Possessed, 110-221.
Topics: Lecture 7: Colonial Social Structure: Women a Fourth Class?
Lecture 8: The Public Colonial World: A Polity of Households, A Community of Souls.

Week Six:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 4.
Assignment: Web Module #2 (Computer Lab)
Map Assignment: Geography: War in the North. (Revolutionary War)
Topics: Lecture 9: The Maturing American World: Population Growth, The Enlightenment,and a Great Awakening.
Lecture 10:A New Colonial Policy: The Emergence of British Empire.

Week Seven:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 5.
Assignment: Web Module #2 (Discussion, Rough Draft Due).
Map Assignment: Geography: War in the South. (Revolutionary War)
Film: "Mary Silliman's War:" Part 1
"Mary Silliman's War:" Part 2

Week Eight:

Weekly Assignment: Text Chap. 6.
Disc. Sec. Assignment. No Discusion Section
Topic: Lecture 11: The Road to Independence: From Remonstrance to Revolution.


Week Nine:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 7.
Disc. Sec. Assignments: The Minutemen and their World. (Web Module #2 Final Report Due)
Map Assignment: Geography: Territorial Growth.
Topics: Lecture 12: The War for Independence: The Nature of Citizenship.
Lecture 13: The Emergence of Political Parties: The First Party System.

Week Ten:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 8.
Assignment: Web Module #3 (Computer Lab).
Map Assignment: Geography: War of 1812.
Topics: Lecture 14: The Break with Europe: Diplomacy of the New Republic.
Lecture 15: The New Century: Expansionism.

      Week Eleven:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 9 & 10
Assignment: Web Module #3 (Discussion, Rough Draft Due).
Map Assignment: Geography: Indian Removal.
Topics: Lecture 16: The New Century: Economic Development.
Lecture 17: The New Century: Toward a More Civilized Nation.

Week Twelve:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 11
Disc. Sec. Assignment: A Shopkeeper's Millennium.
(Web Module #3 Final Reports Due)
Map Assignment: Geography: War With Mexico.
Topics: Lecture 18: The Woman's World: From Quiet Revolution to Militancy
Lecture 19: The Second Party System: The Politics of Mass Popularity.

Week Thirteen:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 12.
Topics: Lecture 20: Sectional Structures and Values: Background to Conflict.
Lecture 21: Black Society: Slave and Free.


Week Fourteen:

Weekly Assignments: Text, Chap. 13 & 14:
Assignment: Web Module #4 (Computer Lab).
Map Assignment: Geography: Slavery 1820 and Geography: Slavery 1854.
Topics: Lecture 22: The Crusade Against Slavery.
Lecture 23: The Impending Crisis.

Week Fifteen:

Weekly Assignment: Text, Chap. 15.
Assignment: Web Module #4 (Discussion, Rough Draft Due).
Map Assignment: Geography: The Civil War.
Topics: Lecture 24: The Secession Crisis: The Third Party System.
Lecture 25: The Civil War: The Home Front.

Week Sixteen:

Assignment: Web Module #4 Final Report Due.
Topic: Lecture 26: The Aftermath of War: Problems Confronting the Union.


Eight-Week Exam:

Paper Assignment Form due:

Paper Due:


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