Web Modules for Teaching American History

By David Huehner
University of Wisconsin-Washington County


Project Summary

Introduction to Individual Web Projects for the US Survey

The United States from the Colombian Exchange to the Civil War Syllabus

Web Modules for the First Semester

First Semester Assessment

The United States 1865 to the Present Syllabus

Web Modules for the Second Semester

Second Semester Assessment

Project Summary

This site contains Web Modules developed for use in a two-semester survey course of United States history. Depending on the objectives and focus of individual survey courses, these Web Modules may be used together or individually. The modules, taken together, replace a standard supplementary readings book and provide materials for historical analysis that try to closely resemble the actual process of historical investigation. In most cases, they introduce students to topics that require a better understanding than that available from lectures and their textbook or may add substance to the course. The modules also are designed to introduce students to a wide variety of historical materials. These range from traditional written historical documents to visual and numerical data. All the materials were created to assist students in developing the cognitive skills necessary to carry out historical analysis. This is still very much a work in progress. As the assessment reveals, however, these modules have found favor with students.