Reflective Essay: The US Survey, 19th Century

I partook in this project as one of the Wisconsin participants in the U.S. survey component. My work explored a large number of website locations that presented subjects from the 19th century. From these I have selected what follows on the basis of their potential as instructional enhancements for all those teaching this era of American history at the college level. I concluded that I might best facilitate their efforts by describing the sites as a review or critique. As in the manner of a book review I have given a general description of each site and often more detailed narratives of its special features. I have tried to think what recommendations the site might have for instructional use and have sometimes given suggestions in that regard. In almost all cases I offer sites that incorporate useful original documents. But I have also been attentive to illustrative material also, believing, as I often say when introducing visuals in my classes, that history is learned by eye as well as ear. Finally, I hoped to convey something of the "flavor" of each site and have often quoted from parts of its materials for that purpose.