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2016 AHA Election Results

American Historical Association | Jul 25, 2016

François Furstenberg (Johns Hopkins University), chair of the Nominating Committee, announces the following results of the 2016 balloting for officers and committee members of the American Historical Association. The committee wishes to thank all candidates who stood for election; their willingness to serve is much appreciated.

Tyler E. Stovall (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Mary Beth Norton (Cornell University)

Vice-President, Professional Division
Kevin Boyle (Northwestern University)

Councilor, Profession
Suzanne L. Marchand (Louisiana State University)

Councilor, Research
Becky M. Nicolaides (independent scholar)

Councilor, Teaching
Carlos Alberto Contreras (Grossmont College)

Committee on Committees
Kaya Şahin (Indiana University)

Nominating Committee
Position 1:  Susannah R. Ottaway (Carleton College)
Position 2:  Purnima Dhavan (University of Washington, Seattle)
Position 3:  Laurent Dubois (Duke University)

Proposed AHA constitutional changes: The seven proposed changes to the AHA constitution were all approved by the membership.

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