Food and Foodways

  • AHA Member Spotlight: Nicole Tarulevicz

    AHA Today

    Matthew Keough | May 29, 2018

    Nicole Tarulevicz is senior lecturer of history and Asian studies at the University of Tasmania (Australia). Her research interests include food history and Southeast Asia.
  • Food in the West

    AHA Today

    Julia M. Gossard | Mar 29, 2018

    Students in Julia M. Gossard's Western Civilization course use Northwestern University Knight Lab's TimelineJS to create a digital chronology of the history of food.
  • Benevolent Diplomacy

    AHA Today

    Kaete O'Connell | Dec 4, 2017

    Last winter while leafing through the Official File at the Truman Library for material on Herbert Hoover’s 1947 economic mission to Germany, I was str...
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Scott Alves Barton

    AHA Today

    Matthew Keough | Jun 6, 2017

    Scott Alves Barton is developing a collaborative multi-media project studying food and foodways.

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