• Teaching on the “Balkan Express”


    Christina Koulouri | May 13, 2019

    History has the power to heal the wounds of war—but not without steep resistance from nationalists.
  • Learning Holocaust History in the 21st Century


    Meirah Shedlo | Apr 29, 2019

    A project helps students use modern technology to incorporate Holocaust survivors’ testimony into the historical record.
  • Getting Tenure with Digital History


    LaDale Winling | Apr 8, 2019

    Scholars hired to do “nontraditional” history will be evaluated by traditional criteria.
  • Un/Becoming America


    Rachel Wheeler | Apr 2, 2019

    If we have thrown over exclusionary, nationalist myths, what can we offer in their place?

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  • Academic Activists

    Sasha Turner, Barbara Molony, and Sandra Trudgen Dawson | Mar 11, 2019

    The story of historians who came together in 1969 to press for greater inclusion of women in the AHA—and those who carry on their work.
  • Confronting the Paradox of Expertise

    David A. Gerber | Feb 25, 2019

    Can too much knowledge make you a worse teacher? Some historians feel this way.
  • The AHA19 Yearbook

    Photographs by Marc Monaghan | Feb 11, 2019

    AHA annual meetings are like homecomings for historians, minus the parade and the band. AHA19 in Chicago was no exception.
  • The 2019 AHA Jobs Report

    Dylan Ruediger | Jan 28, 2019

    The number of academic job listings changed little from last year. But that’s just scratching the surface.
  • History Enrollments Stable in 2017–18

    Julia Brookins | Jan 11, 2019

    The number of undergraduates taking history courses last year changed little from the year before.

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