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Capturing AHA24

An Annual Meeting Scrapbook

Photographs by Marc Monaghan, L. Renato Grigoli, Lizzy Meggyesy, and Rebecca L. West | Feb 7, 2024

An escalator going down in front of an escalator going up

The annual meeting is always an experience. Check out some photos from the conference in San Francisco!

Two women standing at a booth laughing. The one on the right is holding a laptop

A large hotel building with the sun shining on its upper floors

A high up view of a city street. The sky is blue and there are many buildings.

A woman pointing and smiling while presenting a large poster to a man wearing headphones around his neck

Three hands holding the same pen over a notebook

 “This was easily the most energized AHA I can remember . . . [there were] so many panels that addressed, head-on, the current political climate and what this means for historians and for teaching history.” —Sarah Grossman (Cornell Univ. Press)

 A wide shot of an audience staring at a presentation

A bowl of ramen with tofu, seaweed, and an egg on top

Two men sitting at a table laughing in conversation

The golden gate bridge with shrubbery in the foreground and water and mountains in the background

Two women at a panel with the one on the right holding up her cellphone to take a selfie with the other woman

A white woman wearing a red dress next to a Black man wearing a tan suit embracing and smiling for a picture

The back of a woman sitting and holding a newspaper with an illustration close to her face

A man holding a book open in front of a booth with lots of books on display

AHA staff hopes to see you next year in New York City!

A white man wearing a suit smiling next to a Black woman holding a baby smiling

A woman with short hair and glasses standing up and speaking in the middle of a seated audience

A white woman wearing a green top holding an iPhone over her face pointed towards the camera

A white woman with short brown hair and glasses smiling on a panel

A white woman with long red hair holding a paper next to a white man speaking on a panel

A blonde woman sitting next to two older men all smiling with their laptops in front of them across the table from other laptop screens.

A selfie of three women smiling with a beach behind them

A white woman with glasses speaking at a podium with a powerpoint behind her

A group of 20 people smiling at the camera

A poster that says ‘we hope to see you in NYC’ with the AHA25 logo

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