Employment & Careers

  • Townhouse Notes: Meritocracy and the Job Application Arms Race

    From the Editor

    Allison Miller | Mar 11, 2019

    What’s behind the exceedingly onerous requirements for materials from academic job applicants?
  • Academic Activists


    Sasha Turner, Barbara Molony, and Sandra Trudgen Dawson | Mar 11, 2019

    The story of historians who came together in 1969 to press for greater inclusion of women in the AHA—and those who carry on their work.
  • Redefining Success

    Perspectives Daily

    Matt Villeneuve | Feb 20, 2019

    Career diversity is not about seeking alternatives to the professoriate; it’s about helping students find success in diverse careers.
  • The 2019 AHA Jobs Report


    Dylan Ruediger | Jan 28, 2019

    The number of academic job listings changed little from last year. But that’s just scratching the surface.

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