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  • On the October 2018 Townhouse Notes

    Letters to the Editor

    Patricia Albjerg Graham | Jan 11, 2019

    To the editor:I was both surprised and pleased to see “Townhouse Notes: Reading the Rose Report in 2018” (Perspectives, October 2018), about the 1970 ...
  • What I Wish I’d Known Then

    From the President

    John R. McNeill | Jan 11, 2019

    The fear of asking for help can hold you back.
  • The Way Forward on Graduate Advising

    Perspectives Daily

    Amanda Bosworth | Jan 5, 2019

    Faculty-centered advising is often more concerned with legacy-building than on training students. Change is needed.
  • On "Every Historian Counts"

    Letters to the Editor

    Philip Benedict | Dec 3, 2018

    To the editor:Speaking of surprise, as a longtime reader of Perspectives I was surprised when I read the following sentence in Emily Swafford and Dyla...

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