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June 2020 Issue

Current Issue: June 2020 - Vol. 125, No. 3

In This Issue 

This year marks the bicentennial of a momentous event in the history of the Revolutionary Atlantic. In 1820, after two decades of post-revolutionary turmoil and civil war, the nascent Republic of Haiti was finally unified under a single autocratic president, Jean-Pierre Boyer. Although such unified sovereignty provided the "Black Republic" with a nominal stability, it hardly ended the island's enduring poverty and political corruption. Nevertheless, 1820 marked post-revolutionary Haiti's launch into the Atlantic World as a sovereign nation. This issue offers both an AHR Forum and an AHR Review Roundtable on the important, if once-neglected, place of Haitian history in the Atlantic World. Read more...

Editor's Note: Racist Violence in the United States

We submitted the content of the June issue on May 23, two days before the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Rather than allow this issue-one devoted, after all, to the history of a world-shaking mass uprising of enslaved black people against their oppressors-to appear mute in the face of the extraordinary events of the past few weeks, we reprint the American Historical Association's June "Statement on the History of Racist Violence in the United States." The full statement, co-signed to date by seventy-two scholarly organizations, follows. Read more...

From the Editor's Desk: Teaching History in the Time of COVID-19

Producing a lively, coherent, and relevant editorial column every two months for the AHR is a challenge even in the best of times. And, as everyone knows, these are not the best of times. Read more...


"Aztecs Abroad? Uncovering the Early Indigenous Atlantic," by Caroline Dodds Pennock

"Renamed: The Living, the Dead, and the Global in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Christianity," by Hillary Kaell

AHR Forum: Haiti in the Post-Revolutionary Atlantic World


"The Racialization of International Law after the Haitian Revolution: The Holy See and National Sovereignty," by Julia Gaffield

"Repairing Damage: The Slave Ship Marcelin and the Haiti Trade in the Age of Abolition," by Mary Dewhurst Lewis

Comment, "From Revolution to Recognition: Haiti's Place in the Post-1804 Atlantic World," by Manuel Barcia

History Unclassified

"St. Xenia and the Gleaners of Leningrad," by Xenia Cherkaev

AHR Roundtable: Julius S. Scott's The Common Wind: Afro-American Currents in the Age of the Haitian Revolution


"Going to the Territory," by Laurent Dubois

"Pursuance: The Movement of The Common Wind," by Matthew J. Smith

"The Common Wind: A Masterful Study of the Masterless Revolutionary Atlantic," by Natasha Lightfoot

"Julius Scott's Masterless Caribbean and the Force of Its Common Wind," by Cristina Soriano

"African Americans, Haiti, and the Incessant Common Wind," by Brandon R. Byrd

"In the Shadow of the Wind," by Sasha Turner


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