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April 2020 Issue

Current Issue: April 2020 - Vol. 125, No. 2

In This Issue 

By far the most cited article in the AHR over the past three decades has been Joan W. Scott's groundbreaking essay "Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis." The April 2020 issue features a similar attempt to elevate a ubiquitous yet overlooked aspect of human life to categorical status, in this instance, age. Corinne T. Field (University of Virginia) and Nicholas L. Syrett (University of Kansas) have organized seven short essays into a roundtable, "Chronological Age: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis." Read more...

From the Editor's Desk: Pulling Up the Bridge

As is well known, over a century ago the world faced an influenza pandemic of calamitous proportions. Then, as now, national health systems could try to check the spread of the virus by "pulling up the bridge." As medical historian Guy Geltner and others have observed, this offers a highly misleading analogy to medieval efforts to combat the plague, which were actually far more sophisticated than walling off the city, even in the absence of a centralized state capable of taking more drastic exclusionary measures.1 Indeed, a more telling precedent for such an "isolationist" response to the fear of disease can be found a century ago in the U.S. Read more...


"The Global Politics of Anti-Racism: A View from the Canal Zone," by Rebecca Herman

AHR Roundtable: Chronological Age: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis

Introduction, by Corinne T. Field and Nicholas L. Syrett

"Old Age in European Cultures: A Significant Presence from Antiquity to the Present," by Pat Thane

"Meticulous Imprecision: Calculating Age in Colonial Spanish American Law," by Bianca Premo

"Power, Knowledge, and the Epistemic Contract on Age: The Case of Colonial India," by Ishita Pande

"A Feminist Methodology of Age-Grading and History in Africa," by Corrie Decker

"A Man at Twenty, Aged at Twenty-Five: The Conscription Exam Age in Japan," by Sayaka Chatani

"Age and the Construction of Gendered and Raced Citizenship in the United States," by Corinne T. Field and Nicholas L. Syrett

"The Moral Hierarchies of Age Standards: The UN Debates a Common Minimum Marriage Age, 1951-1962," by Ashwini Tambe

History Unclassified

"Historians and Ethics: Finding Anne Moody," by Françoise N. Hamlin

"Looking for the North American Invasion in Mexico City," by Thomas G. Connors and Raúl Isaí Muñoz

AHR Exchange: Historians and Native American and Indigenous Studies


"Living with the Past: Thoughts on Community Collaboration and Difficult History in Native American and Indigenous Studies," by David J. Silverman

"Continuing the Interven," by Christine M. DeLucia

"Contexts for Critique: Revisiting Representations of Violence in Our Beloved Kin," by Alyssa Mt. Pleasant

"Cold Business and the Hot Take," by Philip J. Deloria

"What Does Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Do?," by Jean M. O'Brien

"Historians and Native American and Indigenous Studies: A Reply," by David J. Silverman

AHR Review Roundtable


"Solidarity in the Galilee," by Orit Bashkin

"Agency and Trauma in the Palestinian Struggle to Remain," by Maha Nassar

"Surviving the Nakba: On Palestinians' Political Possibilities and Limitations in 1948," by Leena Dallasheh

"After the Catastrophe: A Reading of Manna's Nakba and Survival," by Ahmad H. Saʾdi 

Digital History Reviews


The Slave Societies Digital Archive. Elena A. Schneider

Marronnage in Saint-Domingue (Haïti) David Geggus

Runaway Slaves in Britain: Bondage, Freedom and Race in the Eighteenth Century., by Catherine Molineux

Freedom on the Move: A Database of Fugitives from American Slavery, by Gregory P. Downs

The Georgetown Slavery Archive Hilary Green

AHR Interview

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