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December 2016 Issue

Latest Issue: December 2016 - Vol. 121, No. 5

In This Issue

The December issue features an AHR Forum on metropolitan histories of empire, an AHR Roundtable on Amitav Ghosh's Ibis Trilogy (including an essay by the novelist himself), and an AHR Conversation in which seven prominent historians share their assessments of the twentieth century. "In Back Issues" calls attention to our extensive inventory of articles going back 121 years. The issue also contains nine featured reviews along with our regular book review section. We continue to alert readers to potential digital resources for research and teaching in the "Digital Primary Sources" section. Read more...

In Back Issues

In the hope of encouraging readers to dip into the long history of scholarship contained in the pages of the American Historical Review (now in the 121st year of its publishing history), and to take advantage of the digital availability of this archive to most readers, the AHR editors offer a look back at issues from one hundred, seventy-five, and fifty years ago. To date we have provided two ways to do this: one is to sample articles from one hundred, seventy-five, and fifty years ago; the other is to reflect on a present-day concern or interest in the light of related historical accounts in our pages. Here, then, is yet another way: to seize upon the occasion of a significant historical anniversary and see how it has been treated by contributors to this journal. Accordingly, in this issue we look forward to 2017, and to the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation in 1517 and Martin Luther's revolt against the Roman Catholic Church, by looking backward, across the many pages of the AHR. Read more...

AHR Forum: Cultures of Colonialism in the Metropole

"Introduction: Metropolitan Cultures of Empire and the Long Moment of Decolonization," by Marc Matera

"'The Capital of the Men without a Country': Migrants and Anticolonialism in Interwar Paris," by Michael Goebel

"Murder at London Zoo: Late Colonial Sympathy in Interwar Britain," by Jonathan Saha

"Decolonizing the Smithsonian: Museums as Microcosms of Political Encounter," by Claire Wintle

AHR Roundtable: History Meets Fiction in the Indian Ocean: On Amitav Ghosh's Ibis Trilogy


"Empire and Exile: Reflections on the Ibis Trilogy," by Clare Anderson

"The Novelist as Linkister," by Gaurav Desai

"Amitav Ghosh and the Art of Thick Description: History in the Ibis Trilogy," by Mark R. Frost

"Views from Other Boats: On Amitav Ghosh's Indian Ocean 'Worlds'," by Pedro MachadoL

"Storytelling and the Spectrum of the Past," by Amitav Ghosh

AHR Conversation: History after the End of History: Reconceptualizing the Twentieth Century

with participants Manu Goswami, Gabrielle Hecht, Adeeb Khalid, Anna Krylova, Elizabeth F. Thompson, Jonathan R. Zatlin, and Andrew Zimmerman

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