We are pleased to announce two recent prize winners for their articles in the American Historical Review! The Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction has awarded their annual prize to Marjoleine Kars for her February 2016 article, "Dodging Rebellion: Politics and Gender in the Berbice Slave Uprising of 1763." Also, Philipp Lehmann's February 2016 article, "Infinite Power to Change the World: Hydroelectricity and Engineered Climate Change in the Atlantropa Project" was selected as the best article published in environmental history last year by the American Society for Environmental History. Congratulations to Kars and Lehmann!

February 2017 Issue

Latest Issue: February 2017 - Vol. 122, No. 1

In This Issue

For most of its publishing history, the AHR has led off its first issue of the year with the address delivered at the AHA's Annual Meeting by its outgoing president. This year's address offers a timely brief for a historical investigation on a global scale of the causes of and conditions for social and economic inequality. Three articles follow: one on the slave trade in West Africa, another on capitalism in the American West, and a third on German Protestant missionaries in China in the early part of the twentieth century. A somewhat unusual review essay focuses on a single website run as a commercial concern. "In Back Issues" recalls articles from one hundred, seventy-five, and fifty years ago. Eight featured reviews are followed by our usual extensive book review section. Read more...

In Back Issues

In the hope of encouraging readers to dip into the long history of scholarship contained in the pages of the American Historical Review (now in the 122nd year of its publishing history), and to take advantage of the digital availability of this archive to most readers, the AHR editors offer a look back at issues from one hundred, seventy-five, and fifty years ago. What follows is not a comprehensive survey of the contents of those issues, but rather a glance at some of the articles and other features that might be of interest, or even of use, today.  Read more...

AHA Presidential Address

"Inequality: Historical and Disciplinary Approaches," by Patrick Manning

AHR Articles

"History in the Dungeon: Atlantic Slavery and the Spirit of Capitalism in Cape Coast Castle, Ghana," by Andrew Apter

"To Coddle and Caress These Great Capitalists: Eastern Money, Frontier Populism, and the Politics of Market-Making in the American West," by Noam Maggor

"The Quest for an "Indigenous Church": German Missionaries, Chinese Christians, and the Indigenization Debates of the 1920s," by Albert Monshan Wu

Digital History Review Essay

"Thematic Digital History Archives and Their Wicked Problems: China, America and the Pacific," by Eileen Scully


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