Marjoleine Kars has won the 2017 CLAH Vanderwood Prize for her article "Dodging Rebellion: Politics and Gender in the Berbice Slave Uprising of 1763," which was published in the February 2016 issue of the American Historical Review. Help us congratulate Kars on winning her fourth prize for this article. 

December 2017 Issue

Latest Issue: December 2017 - Vol. 122, No. 5

In This Issue

The December issue offers an unusual combination of features: a forum on the history of finance and a conversation on the history of fences. The issue opens with one of our AHRForums, which in this case came together serendipitously rather than through careful editorial foresight, timely though it may appear. The three articles and substantive comment treat the pressing question of money: how it has been accumulated, to what uses it has been put, and how the worlds of banking and finance have been entangled over the past two centuries with diplomacy, empire, philanthropy, and the hardening and then erosion of the hegemony of the nation-state. The forum is followed by our customary December feature, the AHR Conversation, convened in this instance by former Editor Robert Schneider, who takes up with six other scholars the transhistorical question of walls, borders, and boundaries. We conclude, as always, with a panoply of seven featured book reviews, running the gamut from the Roman Empire to the fiscal crisis that beset New York City in the 1970s-an ideal coda to the forum on finance. Read more...

In Back Issues

For reasons that might be obvious to regular readers of this journal, I have been thinking a great deal about book reviews lately. What makes a good one? How do we encourage reviewers to engage critically, but fairly, with a text? Where do we draw the lines between reasonable critique, ad hominem attack, and outright slander (not, of course, legally speaking)? Above all, what is to be done when a reviewer uses the occasion of a mere book review as an opportunity to advance his own broader, controversial intellectual agenda or grind her own ideological axe? How about when a book is, in fact, blatantly dishonest or distorts evidence to bend the truth beyond all recognition? Our editorial office wrestles with these questions on a weekly basis. Read more...

AHR Forum: Follow the Money: Banking and Finances in the Modern World

AHR Conversation: Walls, Borders, and Boundaries in World History

AHR Interview

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