We have two recent article award winners who were published in our journal recently. Marjoleine Kars won the Coordinating Council for Women in History's 2017 Carol Gold Best Article Award for her article, "Dodging Rebellion: Politics and Gender in the Berbice Slave Uprising of 1763," which was published in the February 2016 issue of the American Historical Review. And Tehila Sasson won the 2017 Bernath Scholarly Article Prize from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations for her article, "Milking the Third World: Humanitarianism, Capitalism, and the Moral Economy of the Nestlé Boycott," which was published in our October 2016 issue. Help us congratulate Kars and Sasson! 

June 2017 Issue

Latest Issue: June 2017 - Vol. 122, No. 3

In This Issue

The June issue includes five articles covering a range of historical topics: rumors of slavery in the Caribbean, China's foreign policy, a fear of Roma people in the Habsburg Empire, political surveillance in the United Kingdom and the United States, and global debates on the norms of cultural heritage. Three featured reviews are followed by our extensive book review section. "In Back Issues" calls readers' attention to issues from one hundred, seventy-five, and fifty years ago. Read more...

In Back Issues

In the hope of encouraging readers to dip into the long history of scholarship contained in the pages of the American Historical Review (now in the 122nd year of its publishing history), and to take advantage of the digital availability of this archive to most readers, the AHR editors offer a look back at issues from one hundred, seventy-five, and fifty years ago. What follows is not a comprehensive survey of the contents of those issues, but rather a glance at some of the articles and other features that might be of interest, or even of use, today. Read more... 

AHR Articles

"Rumors of Slavery: Defending Emancipation in a Hostile Caribbean," by Anne Eller

"The Qianlong Emperor's Letter to George III and the Early-Twentieth-Century Origins of Ideas about Traditional China's Foreign Relations," by Henrietta Harrison

""Condemned to Rootlessness and Unable to Budge": Roma, Migration Panics, and Internment in the Habsburg Empire," by Tara Zahra

"Covert and Overt Operations: Interwar Political Policing in the United States and the United Kingdom," by Jennifer Luff

"The Authenticity of Heritage: Global Norm-Making at the Crossroads of Cultures," by Aurélie Élisa Gfeller



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