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Current Issue: Vol. 128, No. 3


"Prolegomena to Any Future Indigenous History of the Ancient World"

"Excoriating Stalin, Criticizing Mao: Entangled Reevaluations of the Past in the 1950s Soviet Union and 1970s/80s China"

"The Arms Trade and American Revolutions"

"Empowering African Girls? Capitalism, Poverty, and Silencing in the Writing of History"

"Escaping Empire: Philippine Mountains and Indigenous Histories of Resistance"

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S2 E3 Monuments and Public History

Durba Ghosh introduces the AHR forum “Mismonumentalizing and Decolonizing: Public History as History for the Public.” We also hear from one of the forum’s contributors—Thomas Adams and Sue Mobley—on their work on recent efforts to rename streets in New Orleans.

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