Exceptions prove rules. Normally the AHR only publishes articles that have undergone a rigorous peer-review process. Normally books are considered only in the book review section, and according to explicit guidelines for reviewing protocol. And normally this scholarly journal does not provide a platform for views of a polemical nature or those currently being mooted in more public venues. Read the entire AHR Exchange, “On The History Manifesto”

April 2015 Issue

Latest Issue: April 2015 - Vol. 120, No. 2

In This Issue

The April issue contains four articles on subjects ranging from medieval law and the Atlantic slave trade to revolutionary Cuba and the long history of self-determination and human rights, along with an AHR Exchange on a recent publication that has attracted a lot of attention, The History Manifesto. Four featured reviews precede our usual extensive book review section. "In Back Issues" offers readers a glance at issues from 100, 75, and 50 years ago. Read more...

Featured Articles

"Medieval Law and Materiality: Shipwrecks, Finders, and Property on the Suffolk Coast, ca. 1380-1410," Tom Johnson

"Atlantic History and the Slave Trade to Spanish America," Alex Borucki

"Self-Determination: How a German Enlightenment Idea Became the Slogan of National Liberation and a Human Right," Eric D. Weitz

"'Cuba, My Love': The Romance of Revolutionary Cuba in the Soviet Sixties," Anne E. Gorsuch

AHR Exchange

The AHR Exchange, "On The History Manifesto," features essays by two sets of historians: the first a critique by Deborah Cohen and Peter Mandler, who offer a very sharp assessment of this recently published book; and the second a response to Cohen and Mandler by the book's authors, David Armitage and Jo Guldi. The History Manifesto, made available by Cambridge University Press as an open-access publication, poses a spirited and sustained challenge to current historical practice, especially, the authors claim, the recent retreat from long-term considerations of historical development. The book has generated significant discussion, in journals, in the press, and on the web. Here we offer a forum in which both its critics and its authors are given a voice. In the spirit of the discussion, we are posting this Exchange on our website. Read more...

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