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What We’re Reading: August 22, 2013

AHA Staff | Aug 22, 2013

Today’s What We’re Reading features the history of playgrounds, a roundtable on the usefulness of unpaid internships, biblioburros (?), a drunk history of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and much more!

History in the News

Mitch Daniels Wanted to Replace Liberal Historian’s Teachings in Favor of Bill Bennett’s Conservative Review

The Associated Press reports that former governor Mitch Daniels favored conservative education leader Bill Bennett’s review of American history in lieu of Howard Zinn’s readings.

History is Useful Tool, Not Answer to Every Problem

Historian Catherine O’Donnell argues for history as a central source of information about the world, but argues it is neither an “oracle nor referee.”


Oldest Globe to Depict the New World May Have Been Discovered

An Australian collector may have found the oldest globe, dated 1504, to depict the New World.

How We Came to Play: A History of Playgrounds

First in a series of posts about playground history on PreservationNation, featuring the work of graduate students.

Truth and Reconciliation

From NCPH news, Canadian historians petition the government to release relevant records to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that is investigating abuses at government-funded Indian Residential Schools in the 19th and 20th centuries.

New York had a Hyperloop First, Elon Musk

From HNN, Stephen Mihm points out that Elon Musk’s “hyperloop” proposal has roots in 19th-century proposals for transportation by pneumatic tube.

Higher Education

Unpaid Internships: A Foot in the Door or a Step Backward

From NCPH’s History@Work, an interesting roundtable on the benefits and pitfalls of unpaid internships.

Feminist Anti-MOOC

Feminist open online courses look to change the pedagogy of the MOOC platform.

The Almanac of Higher Education 2013

The Chronicle’s annual publication is rich with data on everything from salaries to spending on research libraries to student preferences in coursework to technology.

Librarians Being Cool

30 Things Librarians Love

A truly surprising list that includes Biblioburros and something called a “book cart drill team” that involves Vikings.

In addition to personalizing book carts, librarians also love recreating popular music videos, as evidenced by this Beastie Boys’ Sabotage video.

Fun and Off-Beat

How Pixar Nearly Deleted Toy Story 2 before its Release

A short video from a technical director of the film that tells the harrowing story of when technology gets in the way of filmmaking.

David McCullough Wondering How Much Scratch He Could Shake Out of Frederick Douglass

From the Onion, renowned historian David McCullough considers “how much cheddar” he could earn writing a biography of Frederick Douglass.

Drunk History: Lewis and Clark

The drunk historians retell the story of Lewis and Clark, with the aid of copious amounts of alcohol.

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