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What We’re Reading: November 8, 2007 Edition

AHA Staff | Nov 8, 2007

The Library of Congress received a lot of bad press recently when a report suggested they were missing 17% of their holdings. Matt Raymond, the LOC’s director of communications responds in his blog with claims that the Washington Post’s report was both "sensational" and "misleading." Over at HNN, blogger Samuel J. Redman suggests, in “How Museums and Libraries Lose Stuff,” that Congress should take a look at its own history of underfunding the Library of Congress before casting stones. HNN also drew us in this week with a new section of the site that recognizes teachers, and the news that Cliopatria is again accepting nominations for this year’s Cliopatria Awards for the best history blogs. Also check out an article on Google Books, from the perspective of a librarian, followed by a report on former AHA president Robert Darnton’s ambitious plans for his upcoming electronic book. Find links to all of these articles below:

Contributors: Elisabeth Grant and Robert Townsend

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