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What We’re Reading: March 10, 2011 Edition

AHA Staff | Mar 10, 2011

EDSITEment - Women's HistoryMarch is Women’s History Month and this past Wednesday was International Women’s Day, so we begin our post this week with some women’s history resources from EDSITEment, a report from the White House, images of women, and a look at women photographers. In the news, Bill Gates recently pointed out a history professor for his online course, French President Nicolas Sarkozy plans to make a French history museum, recent release of some historic D.C. maps, and historians join forces with scientists to investigate “the Leather Man.” Then, hear thoughts on historians and public issues, K-12 teaching, mathematics, and more. Finally, just for fun, look through Britain’s recently declassified UFO files, chuckle at some naysayers, peek inside the Shelby Foote estate, and learn some fake facts about James Franco (future PhD).

Women’s History Month



  • "Say Something Historical!"
    Tomiko Brown-Nagin at the Legal History Blog raises some concerns about historians weighing in on public issues.
  • Finding a Speaker Willing to Use Digital Networks
    Robert Townsend, the AHA’s assistant director for research, contributes to TeachingHistory.org’s “Ask a Historian” series by explaining how to find historians to talk to a K-12 history class.
  • The Ashtray: Hippasus of Metapontum (Part 3)
    This article, by polymathic filmmaker Errol Morris, from the New York Times online feature, "The Opinionator" of March 8, 2011. The third of a carefully composed quintet (two more will appear later), this article is a delightful, instructive, and provocative meditation on mathematics, metaphysics, semantics, semiotics, and the nature of history (and everything in between).
  • Wild Thing
    Louis Menand at The New Yorker looks back at Major General William Donovan, and a book that considers his role in history.
  • The Burns Archive: A collection of astonishing images
    A collection of historic photos from the collection of Stanley B. Burns.


  • British UFO files declassified; behold 8,500 pages of crazy (Photos)
    Britain has released a large number of UFO files and images going back to the 1950s, read more in this Reuters article.
  • The naysayers
    Jason Kottke looks to the past to see who was wrong about the future. For instance, “The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty — a fad.” And NY Times blogger Mark Bittman looks back at predictions about the year 2000
  • Shelby Foote Estate
    Peek inside the estate of Civil War historian Shelby Foote, who collected some fascinating historical artifacts. Click on the link above and scroll down for images.  In other news, Rhodes College has acquired Foote’s personal library and papers.
  • #JamesFrancoFacts
    The Chronicle rounds up some silly “facts” about James Franco (like “James Franco is allowed to drink in Special Collections. His reflexes guarantee no coffee spills on rare books.” and “James Franco asks all the questions at his job talks.”) after news broke that he’s going to be attending Yale for a PhD in English.

Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, Matthew Keough, and Pillarisetti Sudhir

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