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What We’re Reading: February 19, 2009 Edition

AHA Staff | Feb 19, 2009

NPR and LincolnWe start off this week’s What We’re Reading by playing a little catch up and linking to articles on President’s Day, the Lincoln Bicentennial, and Darwin’s birthday. Then, the New York Times takes a look at an “emerging job trend”—being a digital archivist. Need a little inspiration? Check out the Humanity Initiative’s collection of commencement speeches dating back to 1936. And finally, we finish up with education (99 free online books humanities students should read) and edu-tainment (Oregon Trail for the iPhone).

Important Dates

  • Happy Presidents Day
    Did you have Monday off from work? The National History Education Clearinghouse explains why.
  • If Abraham Lincoln Had An iPod
    Miles Hoffman, a classical music commentator, discusses some of Lincoln’s favorite music, much of which is opera. You can listen to a selection of songs we know were some of Lincoln’s favorites and envision the President sporting iPod earbuds and jamming out to Mozart.
  • At Ford’s Theatre, Lincoln’s Death Revisited
    Last Thursday marked the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. NPR takes a thorough look at the events on the day of Abraham Lincoln’s death, in both written and audio form.
  • The Hero History Has Forgotten
    On that fatal night of April 14, 1865, when Abraham Lincoln was shot, George Foster Robinson was tending to Secretary of State William Seward when Lewis Payne, one of Booth’s co-conspirators, attacked the home. Robinson helped fight off the attacker and was wounded in the process. Robinson was an unsung hero that night, and his story has been largely forgotten.
  • Darwin: Let’s Get the History Right
    Charles Darwin’s birthday was last week, and Dr. Denis Alexander, director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, commemorated it by talking about both Darwin’s research and the religious opposition it infamously received and continues to receive today.

What Else We’re Reading

Contributors: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, and Jessica Pritchard

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