The Graduate

  • Bowling Together

    Perspectives Daily

    Joseph R. Stuart and Jeffrey J. Turner | Sep 23, 2021

    Two graduate students write about how their friendship helped them through their PhD program.
  • Remote Reflections: Being a Graduate Teaching Assistant during the Pandemic

    Perspectives Daily

    Victoria Funk | Aug 28, 2020

    Graduate teaching assistants, not quite students and not yet faculty, face unique challenges during COVID-19.
  • Gains and Losses

    Perspectives Daily

    Olivia M. Hagedorn | Apr 30, 2019

    Conversations about pursuing nonacademic careers often center on what is lost. But what if we shift the focus on what is gained?
  • The Making of the Graduate Working Class

    Perspectives Daily

    Jeff Schuhrke | Jan 29, 2019

    An AHA19 panel brought together graduate activists for a discussion on challenges to unionization in universities.

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