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What We’re Reading: September 17, 2009 Edition

AHA Staff | Sep 17, 2009

Graphic Presentation 1939, Sankay diagram, cosmographWe start off this week with news of a series of micro-webcasts on “The Future of Primary Sources” from the Center for Research Libraries. Then, in honor of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage this month, we link to two articles: “Why a Fourth Grader Knows More About Henry Hudson Than You Do” and “Titles Fit for a 400th Anniversary.” We also bring you a mini-roundup of September 11th related articles from last week. Check out the Make History site, a Washington Post article about a new generation’s look at 9/11, and the Boston Globe’s Big Picture site tribute. Finally, for fun, take a look at infographics from the 1930s, some letters of note, and Al Franken’s impressive map drawing skills.


  • The Future of Primary Sources: A Series of Micro-Webcasts for Researchers
    The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is conducting a series of case studies, funded by the National Science Foundation, to examine the longevity of digital resources. To obtain scholarly input on these studies, CRL is hosting a series of brief (22.5 minute) online forums for researchers in the fields of history, social sciences, and chemistry. These micro-webcasts are free and open to interested researchers and scholars, and cover the following topics: The Historical Record in the Post-Newspaper Age; Political Science, Sociology, and Economics; and Chemistry.

400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson’s Voyage

September 11th
Last Friday, people took time to remember the September 11th terrorist attacks from eight years ago. Here are just a few related resources and articles.

For Fun

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