• Joseph C. Miller (1939–2019)

    In Memoriam

    Kenda Mutongi and Martin Klein | May 20, 2019

    Joseph Calder Miller, 79, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and former president of the American Historical Association, died...
  • On Tenure in Digital History

    Letters to the Editor

    Lauren Tilton | May 20, 2019

    To the Editor:Making a case for tenure in digital history or public history is a difficult path. Making a case for tenure in digital, public history m...
  • Henry S. Bausum (1924–2019)

    In Memoriam

    Ann Bausum | May 20, 2019

    Henry S. Bausum, a professor and historian who was drawn into editing through service for the AHA, died on January 5, 2019.
  • T.K. Hunter (1956–2018)

    In Memoriam

    Adrienne Monteith Petty and Scott A. Sandage | May 20, 2019

    T.K. Hunter, an Atlantic, legal, and art historian, died suddenly of congestive heart failure and multi-organ damage on December 17, 2018.

Most Recent

  • Glen Jeansonne (1947–2018)

    Joseph Rodriguez and Helena Pycior | May 20, 2019

    Glen Jeansonne, a distinguished historical biographer, died in August 2018, three years after retiring from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM).
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Anne Rothfeld

    Matthew Keough | May 15, 2019

    Anne Rothfeld is a historian/archivist in the federal government.
  • Teaching on the “Balkan Express”

    Christina Koulouri | May 13, 2019

    History has the power to heal the wounds of war—but not without steep resistance from nationalists.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Robert Thurston

    Matthew Keough | May 8, 2019

    Robert Thurston is professor emeritus at Miami University.
  • Data Overload

    Seth Denbo | May 7, 2019

    Web archives often contain so much data that historians must develop new technical skills and knowledge in order to use them.

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