Professional Life

  • Diffusion as Dilution?

    From the President

    James H. Sweet | Jan 24, 2022

    How do recent digital evolutions in academic production relate to the tried-and-true scholarly monograph?
  • Perspectives on 2021

    Perspectives Daily

    Alana Venable | Dec 30, 2021

    Perspectives is taking a holiday break. Enjoy this look back at the most popular post of each month in 2021.
  • Advocacy Briefs


    Rebecca L. West | Dec 29, 2021

    The AHA's advocacy in November 2021 included funding, academic freedom, and the National Archives.
  • Hustling to Get By

    Perspectives Daily

    Rebecca Brenner Graham | Dec 16, 2021

    After working 15 side gigs during her six years of graduate school, Rebecca Brenner Graham advocates for the importance of a living wage.

Most Recent

  • Teacher, Mentor, Coach

    Laura Ansley | Dec 14, 2021

    James H. Sweet, the AHA’s 138th president, shares his goals for his presidential term and reflects how his mentor Colin Palmer shaped his career.
  • Townhouse Notes

    Laura Ansley | Dec 7, 2021

    As Perspectives enters its 60th year, we're making some changes to improve accessibility.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Rebecca L. West | Nov 30, 2021

    This fall, AHA advocacy focused on public history, conferences, and offering historical perspectives to the Supreme Court.
  • Exploring Systemic Racism and the AHA

    Angela D. Dillard and Katherine L. French | Nov 23, 2021

    During a client-based research seminar, graduate students researched the history of the AHA's leadership, annual meetings, and legitimation of scholarship.
  • Another Digital Revolution

    Jacqueline Jones | Nov 9, 2021

    The generous support of librarians and archivists and a wealth of digitized materials helped Jacqueline Jones finish a book project during the pandemic.

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