Professional Life

  • Vikings, Crusaders, Confederates

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Gabriele | Jan 12, 2021

    Why was there so much medieval imagery at the assault on the US Capitol? Historian Matthew Gabriele explains the Far...
  • A Starting Point

    Perspectives Daily

    Kevin Boyle and James Grossman | Jan 11, 2021

    The braided relationship between history and civics will make January 6, 2021, a central concern in classrooms and other educational...
  • Welcome to the New Fireside Chat

    Perspectives Daily

    Sara Georgini | Jan 6, 2021

    AHA council member Sara Georgini offers a few suggestions for giving virtual book talks.
  • Remote Reflections

    Perspectives Daily

    Quincy T. Mills | Jan 5, 2021

    Managing an ambitious research agenda while managing his children's Zoomschooling required Quincy Mills to embrace working alongside them.

Most Recent

  • Perspectives on 2020

    Ashley E. Bowen | Dec 24, 2020

    Perspectives is taking a holiday break. Enjoy this look back at the most popular post of each month in 2020.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Dec 23, 2020

    The AHA is committed to defending practices that allow historians to conduct their research freely and to access records in archives at home and abroad.
  • Norman Rockwell Meets Peyton Place

    Ashley E. Bowen | Dec 17, 2020

    Jacqueline Jones, the AHA's 137th president, shares her goals for her presidential term and reflects on how her hometown shaped...
  • The Diffusion of Knowledge

    James Grossman | Dec 16, 2020

    An expanded definition of scholarship can bring new imagination to what we do as historians.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Nov 30, 2020

    In October, the AHA advocated for historians by protecting professional standards, defended historians' free speech, encouraged debate and challenging ideas...

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