April 1987

Volume 25, Number 4
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Marilyn Cole Finley
Editorial Assistant and EIB Editor: Kathy Koziara-Herbert

The following articles were published in the print version of Perspectives, but have not been converted to digital form. If interest is expressed, we may be able to convert earlier articles as time and rights permissions allow. Please send requests to perspectives@historians.org.

Washington Notes

  • Washington Notes
    by Samuel R. Gammon

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editors: Jeanette Lauer and Mildred Alpern

  • Do Facts Speak for Themselves? Writing the Historical Essay
    by Harold D. Woodman


  • Eyes on the Prize
    by Harvard Sitkoff
  • Rediscovering the 1930s: The WPA and the Federal Writers' Project
    by Margaret Gibbons Wilson and Gary R. Mormino

AHA Activities

  • Harlan or Lerner for President-Elect: 1987 AHA Nominations

In Focus

  • Lynne V. Cheney Answers Twelve Tough Questions


  • Statement of Dr. Anna K. Nelson, September 17, 1986
  • How to Accomplish Quality Historical Fiction
    by Christopher Collier

Letters to the Editor

  • Stephen G. Weisner
  • Walter A. Sutton

In Memoriam

NCC News

  • NCC News
    by Page Putnam Miller