African American History

  • AHA Member Spotlight: Peter Eisenstadt

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Keough | Sep 8, 2022

    Peter Eisenstadt is a working historian. He lives in Clemson, South Carolina, and has been a member since 1979.
  • Is History History?

    From the President

    James H. Sweet | Aug 17, 2022

    When historians concede to discuss the past with the terms of the present, they abandon the skill set that makes them historians.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Derrick Lanois

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Keough | Jul 6, 2022

    Derrick Lanois is an assistant professor of history at Norfolk State University. He lives in Norfolk, Virginia, and has been a member since 2015.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Francena Turner

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Keough | May 12, 2022

    Francena Turner is an adjunct lecturer of history at Fayetteville State University and a CLIR/Mellon Fellow and postdoctoral associate for...

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