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The AHR welcomes submissions in traditional article and digital media formats that advance new historical knowledge. We seek innovative work that addresses the diverse spatial, temporal, and thematic dimensions animating contemporary historical inquiry. In considering any submission for publication in the AHR, the editors look for pieces that make original arguments and can communicate their findings to the wider discipline. Because our readers embrace all fields of history and are located throughout the world, the AHR aims to publish work that reaches beyond various specialties and subfields and that engages the common interests of the historical discipline as a whole.

A submission will be not considered for publication if it is concurrently under consideration by another journal or press, or if it has been published or is in submission, under contract, or in press elsewhere. Both restrictions apply to the substance as well as to the exact wording of the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted, the editors expect that its appearance in the AHR will precede republication of the essay, or any significant part thereof, in another work. Final decisions regarding publication are up to the discretion of the editors.

The AHR publishes approximately 8 to 10 percent of submissions. These articles are selected through a rigorous review process. Each manuscript is evaluated by the AHR editorial staff. Those with the greatest promise are sent anonymously to members of the AHR Board of Editors for further review. Upon recommendation by board members, essays are then sent to specialists to undergo double-anonymous peer review. All articles are evaluated to determine suitability for publication in the AHR and to help authors clarify their argument and explain their essays’ broader implications. Those selected for publication are then subject to several rounds of further revision and re-evaluation. As a consequence of these evaluation methods, every article published in the AHR has been reviewed by at least six scholars (and sometimes more). Although the journal is openly available only to AHA members and institutional subscribers, AHR authors receive a shareable link to the full text of their published article on the Oxford University Press website. They may share that link with others or post it to their own website or in an institutional repository, provided there is no charge for access to that site. The AHR participates in Read and Publish. Scholars wishing to make their article open access may opt to pay an article processing charge.

All submissions should be made through our editorial management system, Scholar One, at We do not consider manuscripts submitted by email. 

Inquiries for the AHR Editorial Office, including correspondence regarding manuscript submissions, should be emailed to or mailed to Editor, American Historical Review, 400 A St. SE, Washington, DC 20003. 

If you are engaged in an innovative teaching project that focuses on how historians do their work and would like to pitch a module for the #AHRSyllabus, please fill out this form. We consider pitches on a rolling basis and final modules are subject to peer review.

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