Interactive Argumentation

Submissions should include a reviewer packet with the following components:

  • The textual components of the article, with citations that meet the AHR’s existing citation standards.
  • A plan for final-submission production that outlines:
    • How authors imagine embedded interactive components should appear 
    • The underlying data or corpora for any interactive components
  • A description (500–750 words) of the submission’s production needs and timeline for project completion.
  • An example of the team’s ability to professionally produce content in the submission’s native medium (e.g., for authors submitting interactive data visualizations embedded in textual arguments, a website or online article in which one or more members of the team was responsible for the production and embedding of the interactive components). The example can be unrelated to the content of the AHR submission.
  • A brief justification for the AHR editorial staff that aligns the submission’s contents with the general depth and labor requirements of an AHR text-based-article submission. This can be included in the submission cover letter.
  • A sustainability plan (500 words) that indicates how the data that supports the piece be accessed by AHR readers in the long term (this might include zip files of data hosted by OUP or a plan for externally hosted appendices that outlines how those external assets will be sustained and migrated forward).