Time-based Media

Submissions should include a reviewer packet with the following components:

  • A draft script for the proposed submission with in-script citations that meet the AHR’s article citation standards.
  • A plan for final-submission production that includes either:
    • An optional rough cut of the submission in its native medium, if interviews have been conducted, with a short description (250 words) of remaining production needs and timelines; or
    • A description (500–750 words) of the submission’s production needs and timeline after the script
  • A complete time-based media production, or an example of the team’s ability to professionally produce content in the submission’s native medium (e.g., for authors submitting a podcast, one podcast episode and transcript in which one or more members of the team handled final production needs. The example can be unrelated to the content of the AHR submission.
  • A brief justification for the AHR editorial staff that aligns the submission’s contents with the general depth and labor requirements of an AHR text-based-article submission. This can be included in the submission cover letter.
  • Consent forms from participants indicating their understanding of the public nature of their participation. This may take the form of an institutional IRB, but an IRB is not required.