Digital Media Submissions

The AHR’s digital media submission guidelines seek to balance the production needs of contemporary historians working across a variety of media and project types while maintaining an appropriate peer-review process. Authors who submit digital media work to the AHR should acquaint themselves with two features of a standard AHR article: the depth of argument possible in a standard 8,000-word article; and the labor involved in producing an AHR article, including potential changes in response to peer review.

The AHR will ask authors of accepted pieces that are best suited to mostly-digital publication to work with the editor and managing editor on an appropriate form that will appear in the print edition of the journal. The AHR editors will work with authors of accepted pieces around issues of discoverability and access appropriate to the digital media they are using.

S2 E4 History and Video Games + Digital Submission Guidelines

For more on the digitial submission guidelines, listen to Kalani Craig introduce the AHR’s new guidelines in History in Focus.

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