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A New Oral History Association Organization Forms in India

Allen Mikaelian | Nov 19, 2013

We were glad to see this article, and not just for the well-placed quotation from E. H. Carr (“The facts are available to the historian in documents, inscriptions and so on, like fish on the fishmonger’s slab”). The article details the inauguration of the Oral History Association of India. We look forward to hearing more from this group, which has a dazzling range of topics to discuss and pursue.

The paragraph below reminded us of the piece by Clifford Kuhn, executive director of the Oral History Association, just published in Perspectives on History, “The Digitization and Democratization of Oral History.

Lucknow-based Pramod Srivastava, Chairman of OHAI, says the conference has more meaning in the digital age and increasing democratisation of the virtual space. “In due course, it will give subaltern historians independence from sole dependence upon folklore, folk tales and so on, for writing history of the people. An oral historian may also document their remotest subjects through video-conferencing and archive it digitally for centuries to come. The availability of such archives online will help oral historians worldwide.”

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