November 2014

Volume 52, Number 8
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Allen Mikaelian
Associate Editor: Shatha Almutawa
Editorial Assistant: Jacob Ingram


Perspectives on the Cold War

Wall Remains, Holocaust Memorials, and Prussian Heritage
By Keith R. Allen

The Cold War as Operational Experience
By Lance Blyth

More than McCarthy
By Beth Slutsky and Nancy McTygue

In from the Cold 
By Anton Fedyashin

Career Paths

History as Preparation for a Career in Business
By Jack Cumming


Put Your Feet on the Ground of History
By Julie Mujic

The 129th Annual Meeting

Walking the City of Serendipity
By David S. Dunbar

The Presidential Sessions
By Jan Goldstein

A Web of History: Digital History at the Annual Meeting
By Seth Denbo

Annual Meeting Highlights
By Sharon K. Tune

Annual Meeting Film Festival
By Debbie Ann Doyle

Tours Organized by the Local Arrangements Committee

Prizes, Awards, and Honors to Be Conferred

Hotel Rates

Preregistration and Accommodations
By Sharon K. Tune

On The Cover

The 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is being commemorated and celebrated this month, and in this issue we feature several historians’ perspectives on the Cold War. The cover photo shows the decaying state of the auditorium of the Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria. Constructed in the 1970s as a monument to the founding of the socialist movement in Bulgaria, the ­Buzludzha Monument is perched on a distant mountaintop in the Central Balkan Mountains. Like many Soviet-era monuments, it is now the subject of an ongoing debate about whether it should be preserved or torn down, and who should pay. Meanwhile, tourists and vandals flock to the site, and images of the flying-­saucer-shaped concrete exterior and the decaying interior appear frequently on blogs and on the web pages of online communities devoted to ruins photography. The photograph is by Michael Kötter ( and is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.