2. Unlikely Entry Points and Unexpected Dead Ends

This episode explores unlikely ways into research and what can happen when we confront what seems like a dead end. Daniel talks with Judd Kinzley about his article “Wartime Dollars and the Crowning of China’s Hog-Bristle King: The Dubious Legacies of US Aid, 1938–49.” And History Unclassified editor Kate Brown speaks with Jennifer Lambe about her article “Christine Jorgensen in Cuba: On Dormant Leads and Archival Dead Ends.”

  • Judd Kinzley (associate professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Jennifer Lambe (associate professor of history at Brown University)
  • Kate Brown (consulting editor for AHR History Unclassified, Thomas M. Siebel Distinguished Professor in History of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Daniel Story (host and producer, digital scholarship librarian at the University of California, Santa Cruz)



“Then to a Log” by Various Artists

“her's” by Graffiti Mechanism

“Stop on a Bench” by Crowander

By Blue Dot Sessions


“America’s Call to Arms,” Castle Film (1941)

Christine Jorgensen arrives at Idlewild airport (1952)

“Is She Is or Is She Ain't” by Louis Farrakhan (1946)

“La Engañadora” by Enrique Jorrin (1953)


  • Produced by Daniel Story
  • Audio engineering assistance by Myles Rider-Alexis