May 2015

Volume 53, Number 5
Contents of the online edition

Interim Editor: Shatha Almutawa
Editorial Assistant: Jacob Ingram

From the President

On Academic Leadership
By Vicki L. Ruiz

From the Executive Director

On Patriotism
By James Grossman

From the Professional Division

The Ethical Historian: Notes and Queries on Professional Conduct
By Catherines Epstein, Mary Louise Roberts, Phillipa Levine, and Valerie Paley


Intoxicating Beverages: New National Archives Exhibit Explores Alcohol in American History
By Amanda Moniz

US Capitol Restoration Commences
By Jennifer Reut

NASA's Leading Edge: One Hundred Years of Aerospace
By Jacob Ingram


Keeping Track of Record Keeping: Closing the Gaps in Federal Records Management
By Lee White

AHA Joins Other Associations to Protest Georgia's Proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act
By James Grossman

AHA Letter of Support for the National Library of Medicine
By Seth Denbo

AHA Activities

History in Action: Career Diversity the Columbia Way
By Emily Swafford and Manan Ahmed

A Historian Visits the Hill: My Participation in the National Humanities Alliance Advocacy Day
By Emily Swafford

National History Center

Interview with Donald Ritchie, Retiring Historian of the Senate
By Dane Kennedy


The New Jersey Initiative
By Hank Bitten and Peter Porter

In Memoriam

Carl Degler
By Estelle B. Freedman

Paul N. Hehn
By David O. Stowell

Ari Hoogenboom
By Charles W. Calhoun

George W. Rollins
By James Friguglietti and Norton H. Moses

Raymond A. Mohl
By Bruce and Gregory Mohl


Patriotism and Dissent
By Shatha Almutawa


From the Affiliates

Perspectives on Contingent Labor: Adjuncts, Temporary Contracts, and the Feminization of Labor
By Eileen Boris, Susan Wladaver-Morgan, and Sandra Trudgen Dawson

Perspectives on Film

When History is Not Good Enough for Hollywood: Selma, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Martin Luther King Jr.
By Kent Germany

The Brouhaha over Selma
By Sam Pollard

Missed Opportunities with Selma
By Julian E. Zelizer

Varieties of Leadership in Selma
By Leslie M. Harris

History as Entertainment or Entertainment as History?
By Jonathan Scott Holloway

The Past Isn't Even Past, Especially on Twitter
By Carol Anderson

Of Selma and History
By Adam Green

Selma and the International History of American Civil Rights
By Mary L. Dudziak

Counterfactual History

Forays into "What If" History: An After Action Report
By Mark Grimsley

Counterfactual History and the Outbreak of World War I
By Yoav Tenembaum