March 2016

AHA Activities

The Work of Historians: Lessons on Networking, Stories, and Perished Parrots at Columbia
By Emily Swafford

AHA Council, Divisions, and Committees for 2016
Compiled By Liz Townsend

Career Paths

The Question of Career
By Karen Marguerite Wilson-Ama'Echefu

In Memoriam

Clifford M. Kuhn
By Jacquelyn Dowd Hall

Paul Jeffrey Meyvaert
By Jennifer R. Davis and Michael McCormick

On the Cover

Cover of March 2016 issue of Perspectives

There’s a certain disdain among academics for administration, whether referred to as “bean counting” or rendered an enemy with the addition of the word the. But as Peter N. Miller argues in this month’s cover story, the history of academic administration must include its capacity to shape intellectual productivity, even entire fields. Individual administrators have brought scholars together, preserved archives and libraries, and stabilized institutions. A largely untapped history thus lies in the files of administration. Photo: Sailko/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0