Why should I join the AHA?

If your field is history—no matter what your specialization is or where you work—membership in the American Historical Association is indispensable. Among the numerous organizations that serve historians, only the AHA brings together historians from all geographical, chronological, and topical specializations and all work contexts, embracing the breadth and variety of activity in history today. Only the AHA addresses the diverse special needs of individuals and the interests of the discipline as a whole. No matter what other specialized organizations you belong to, AHA membership is still essential; no other organization serves you and the discipline as a whole like the AHA. Join now!

How can I update my member information?

If you recently moved or would like for the AHR journal to be sent to a different address, update your account information or renew your membership online. Just log in to MY AHA, call the AHA at (202) 544-2422, or email aha@historians.org

Who do I contact when I didn't receive my issue?

Membership should be able to assist you at (202) 544-2422, or email members@historians.org.

How can I view full-text articles of the AHR?

AHA Members: To access the full text of articles, start at historians.org/myaha. Login with your e-mail address and password. On the MY AHA page, click the link under AHA Publications for American Historical Review at Oxford University Press. Next, click Continue to American Historical Review. On the Oxford site at ahr.oxfordjournals.org you'll see Institution: AHA Member Access at the top.

How can I obtain permission to reproduce AHR materials?

Permissions for reuse or republication of Oxford Journals figures, abstracts, or articles can be granted for a range of re-uses. For more information on permissions and publication rights, visit the Oxford Journals Rights and Permissions page.

Does the AHA have a policy regarding the changing of authors’ names in AHA publications?

On request of the author, the AHA will update author names in the digital version of publications, including articles in the American Historical Review and Perspectives on History and content written for the AHA website. Authors who change their name and wish to update their publications may request corrections via email to the managing editor of the AHA or the Journals Author Support team at Oxford University Press. Print publications will not be updated unless the publication in question is reprinted in the future.

To maintain the author’s privacy, a correction will not be posted on the article or webpage. The AHA and AHR cannot guarantee third-party indexers will update the article.

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