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The American Historical Association provides leadership for the discipline and promotes the critical role of historical thinking in public life. The Association defends academic freedom, develops professional standards, supports innovative scholarship and teaching, and helps to sustain and enhance the work of historians. As the largest membership association of professional historians in the world, the AHA serves historians in a wide variety of professions and represents every historical era and geographical area.

About AHA & Membership


The AHR is sent to members of the American Historical Association and to institutions holding subscriptions. Persons interested in historical studies, whether professionally or otherwise, are invited to become members of the AHA. Learn more about the benefits of membership in the AHA.

Individual Subscriptions

Individual members of the AHA automatically receive a subscription to the American Historical Review. When joining or renewing, members may choose to receive the AHR in electronic format only.

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Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional subscriptions to the AHR are available from Oxford University Press. Pricing and order forms are available on the OUP website. Single issues are also available for purchase.

Electronic Access

The AHR can be accessed electronically in several ways. AHA individual members should log on at MY AHA and click the link for "American Historical Review at Oxford University Press" under "AHA Publications." E-book versions in MOBI and EPUB formats can be downloaded by AHA individual members.