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Andrew Preston offers a reassessment of America’s Liberal Protestants, especially on the subject of race. And Pete Burkholder and Dana Schaffer discuss the national survey “History, the Past, and Public Culture.” In both parts, the question What is history? hovers just below, or above, the surface.

Show Notes

In this Episode

Andrew Preston (Professor of American History, University of Cambridge)

Pete Burkholder (Professor of History, Fairleigh Dickinson University)

Dana Schaffer (Deputy Director, American Historical Association)

Daniel Story (Host and Producer, Digital Scholarship Librarian at UC Santa Cruz)

More Resources

Andrew Preston, “The Limits of Brotherhood: Race, Religion, and World Order in American Ecumenical Protestantism” (coming soon…)

“History, the Past, and Public Culture: Results from a National Survey”


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Produced by Daniel Story

Editing by Conor Howard

Audio engineering and transcription support by Myles Rider-Alexis