S2 E3 Monuments and Public History

Durba Ghosh introduces the AHR forum “Mismonumentalizing and Decolonizing: Public History as History for the Public.” We also hear from one of the forum’s contributors—Thomas Adams and Sue Mobley—on their work on recent efforts to rename streets in New Orleans.


S2 E3 Monuments and Public History (Transcript)

In this Episode

  • Durba Ghosh (Professor of History at Cornell University)
  • Sue Mobley (New Orleans based organizer/activist/urbanist; Director of Research at Monument Lab)
  • Thomas J. Adams (Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and History at the University of South Alabama)
  • Matt Hermane (Producer, PhD Candidate in History at Indiana University, Bloomington)
  • Daniel Story (Host and Producer, Digital Scholarship Librarian at UC Santa Cruz



By Blue Dot Sessions

Archival and Other Sources


  • Produced by Daniel Story and Matt Hermane
  • Audio engineering and transcription support by Phoebe Rettberg