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What Form Can History Take Today?

The American Historical Review has a section of the journal called History Unclassified, with Kate Brown as consulting editor. This section features unusual and surprising contributions that do not fit our usual article format. We conceive of this format as capacious and experimental in approach and content.

We welcome authors' archival stories and offbeat discoveries, unexpected connections with other fields, and research experiences that raise new methodological questions. We are open to historical writing and presentation in new formats, and to literary explorations of new epistemologies derived from emergent technologies, insights from the age of the Anthropocene, or recent developments that have transformed our understanding of what constitutes an archive and an archivist.

History Unclassified

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Mark Bradley

Mark Philip Bradley


Sarah Muncy

Sarah Muncy
Managing Editor


Alana Venable

Alana Venable
Deputy Managing Editor


Lauren Brand

Lauren Brand
Reviews Editor


Sarah Weicksel

Sarah Weicksel
Director of Research & Publications



Alexandra Levy

Alexandra Levy
Communications Manager


Lizzy Meggyesy

Lizzy Meggyesy
Research and Publications Assistant

Syrus Jin

Syrus Jin
Assistant to the Editor

K. Ermelinda (Linda) García

K. Ermelinda (Linda) García
Graduate Assistant


Matthew Hermane

Matthew Hermane
Graduate Assistant

Conor Howard

Conor Howard
Graduate Assistant


Hannah N Malcolm

Hannah N Malcolm
Senior Graduate Assistant


Kate Brown

Kate Brown
Consulting Editor, History Unclassified


Emily Callaci

Emily Callaci
Consulting Editor, History Unclassified


Daniel Story

Daniel J. Story
Consulting Editor, History in Focus


Board of Editors

The primary responsibility of the members of the Board of Editors of the AHR is to review manuscripts sent to them by the editor. They also serve as an advisory council on all matters relating to the journal.

Danna Agmon
Virginia Tech

Hannah Barker
Arizona State University

Shelly Chan
University of California, Santa Cruz 

Kalani Craig
Indiana University

Erika Edwards
University of Texas at El Paso

Cymone Fourshey
Bucknell University

Emily Greble
Vanderbilt University

Atina Grossmann
The Cooper Union

Destin Jenkins
Stanford University 

Inger Leemans
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Melani McAlister
George Washington University 

Crystal Moten
National Museum of American History

Shalaija Paik
University of Cincinnati

Kennetta Hammond Perry
Northwestern University 

Bianca Premo
Florida International University

Joshua L. Reid
University of Washington

Sherene Seikaly
UC Santa Barbara

Eric Tagliacozzo
Cornell University

Benjamin Talton

Howard University

Wendy Warren
Princeton University

Associate Review Editors

The primary responsibility of the Associate Review Editors is to consult with the AHR editorial team on all aspects of the journal's reviews section.  

Monica Black
University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Antoine Borrut
University of Maryland

Ellen R. Boucher
Amherst College

Emily Conroy-Krutz
Michigan State University

Arunima Datta
University of North Texas

Bradley Camp Davis
Eastern Connecticut State University

Jennifer Derr
University of California, Santa Cruz 

Christopher Dietrich
Fordham University

Theodora Dragostinova
Ohio State University

Alejandra Dubcovsky
University of California, Riverside

Sandra Mendiola Garcia
University of North Texas

Shennette Garrett-Scott
Tulane University

Campbell Grey
University of Pennsylvania

Ndubueze L. Mbah
Univ. at Buffalo, State Univ. of New York

Rose Miron
Newberry Library

Ronald Po
London School of Economics

David Rex Galindo
University of North Texas

Lorelle Semley
College of the Holy Cross

Urmi Engineer Willoughby
Pitzer College