AHR History Lab

AHR History Lab

The AHR History Lab is a new, experimental space in the middle of the journal featuring collective projects that seek to reimagine how we approach historical practice in terms of content, form, and method. Intended to open up the American Historical Review’s pages and the discipline to the diverse work of practicing historians today, the Lab is driven by a single question: How can the AHR help reimagine the practice of history in the 21st century?

In the June 2022 Issue

"Inside the History Lab"

Engaged History

"Engaged History: An Introduction"

"Toward an Archival Reckoning"

"Monument Gallery"

Smells in History

"Whiffstory: Using Multidisciplinary Methods to Represent the Olfactory Past"

"Making Whiffstory: A Contemporary Re-creation of an Early Modern Scent for Perfumed Gloves"

Digital History

"The Algorithm: Mapping Long-Term Trends and Short-Term Change at Multiple Scales of Time"

History Unclassified

"As If I Wasn’t There: Writing from a Child’s Memory"